Decatur / Morgan County - Minority Development Association

To provide leadership in the minority community of Decatur / Morgan County by implementing programs and services that will address the whole person's spiritual, mental, and physical development.

We seek to improve educational development and training, encourage increased civic participation, provide a better understanding of community resources, and develop an economic base with the end result being a unified community.

Minority Development

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The Decatur / Morgan County Minority Development Association, Inc. (DMDA) united in 1992 to provide leadership within the minority communities of Decatur and Morgan County.

The purpose of DMDA is to improve social services, promote harmony, and develop effective partnerships between minority citizens, governmental, political, and private entities within Decatur and Morgan County. It also strives to assure that all available resources are deployed to reverse the current trends of educational deficiencies, substance abuse problems, violence, economic poverty, and spiritual stagnation.

DMDA is a faith-based organization with the goal and focus of improving the quality of life for all citizens of Decatur / Morgan County. We recognize that there are a number of individuals and organizations that are having a positive impact on the targeted groups. DMDA desires to provide unity and cohesiveness among these groups in order to reduce redundancy of effort.

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DMDA Address
2228 8th Street SW, Decatur, AL 35601
Phone 256.303.8848
FAX 256.306.0904
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